Like so many others I was shocked, saddened, appalled over the events at the capitol that resulted in 5 deaths, much injury, and damage to government property. How can that happen??? This is the United States of America! A democracy for goodness sake. We are not a third world country living under the dictator who accomplished the latest coup. Our congress was hiding behind blocked doors, huddled under a table, fearing for their life and well being. What would have happened if the rioters had reached them or Mike Pence. Then what? Would they have just yelled at them and left? Of course not. With the mob mentality and momentum I believe there would have been more injury and lives lost. Thankfully that did not occur. Unbelievable that this would happen here, in the land of the free, home of the brave.

I am heartbroken listening to the speeches made in the impeachment hearings. Congress has voted 232 (yay)to 197(nay) to impeach. Do I believe Trump is responsible for inciting and inflaming the mob that resulted in the violence? I do, God knows I wish I didn’t. But when I review his twitter comments, his speeches, it is as if he has been working up to this, preparing for it since the election. Repeated vote counts and repeated lawsuits have all concluded that the election was not “stolen” but a legal and fair election in which Trump lost. There has been no evidence to support Trump’s claims of “fraud and cheating, and rigged votes”. Unfortunately, he would not accept this and move on but continued to make false claims again and again that he was the real winner and the system is corrupt. He appeared to lose touch touch with the reality. He lost. His last ditch efforts to have Pence reverse the election and have a capitol hill take over is NOT how a democracy works. THE CONSTITUTION DOES NOT GIVE THE VICE PRESIDENT THE AUTHORITY TO OVERTURN AN ELECTION RESULT. What was Trump thinking?

Why did it take three and a half hours before the National Guard was deployed? Because Trump would not give the order. Why not?? Lives could have been saved. It could have made a difference. I think it was because Trump was flattered that his supporters would protest for him. He should have put his ego back in his pocket and made decisions in the best interest of the citizens he serves.

What he did was wrong. He should be held accountable. Clearly what you say affects others. I don’t object to the censorship. You can’t just say whatever you want on social media. We try to teach our children that. It is a tool to be used with maturity and respect for others. You can’t encourage violence, suicide, criminal activity or plot such things. You can’t cyber bully. You can’t post pornography or child porn. Encouraging and inciting riots and harm to others is wrong. He told them to show “strength and not be weak”. He told them they could not “take back the country unless they were strong”. They had to “fight like hell”. Clearly that was a mistake. A very bad choice of words to say the least.

Having said all that, I am absolutely heartbroken at these events. I voted for Trump twice even though he did not have the best character, morals, or language. I voted my party principles and values. I am heartbroken that Trump’s judgement seems to have been compromised to such an extreme. I am heartbroken that his legacy has been tainted. He will be remembered for the attempted coup on the capitol and for being the only president impeached twice. This, instead of all the good he has done for our country, foreign relations, and our economy.

I can only say that our country, our leaders, congress, senate, and our new president are in need of prayers. The fall out from all this will take awhile to play out. Their job will be to direct us in the way of peace and unity. To bring integrity and decency back into the presidential office. To repair the damage done, return us to a world power worthy of respect. God is in control, as always. Pray. Pray for Mr. Trump as he leaves office. Pray for Mr. Biden as he assumes his roll amid this chaos. God bless America.

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