I have always been an advocate for education. It is so very important in order to have the kind of future you want. I once had a doctor give my teenage daughter a lecture on not getting pregnant and then it evolved into education. He said, “The difference between going…

Yes, at last we have a female in one of the highest executive offices in the land. Like her or hate her, Democrat or Republican doesn’t matter. Ms. Harris is still an example of the potential women can achieve. …

Givers and Takers

My dad once told me there are two kinds of people in this world, givers and takers. He said I was a giver. I suppose he was right since I went into nursing as a career. I think most women are givers. It’s part of that maternal…

Incoming and Outgoing

Tomorrow Joe Biden will be sworn in as president. A big day for the incoming and the outgoing. I pray this event will occur with no violence and no lives lost.

We all need to remember those childhood lessons about being a graceful winner and a good sport when you lose. When you lose, get angry and destroy the game board it doesn’t change the result. You still lost and then no one wants to play with you anymore.

Elections have those who win and those who lose. Violence will not change the result. That’s important enough to say again. Violence will NOT change the result. That is not how a democracy works. It’s not how America works.

Like so many others I was shocked, saddened, appalled over the events at the capitol that resulted in 5 deaths, much injury, and damage to government property. How can that happen??? This is the United States of America! A democracy for goodness sake. We are not a third world country…

So, I got my Covid Vaccine yesterday. I barely felt it. My arm at the injection site is sore this morning. But I did not grow a third eye and I don’t glow in the dark. I find it disappointing and disturbing that so many are afraid to take the…

Words can hurt and devastate.

They can tear down or build up and encourage.

They can be mean or kind, criticize or compliment.


It would be wonderful if we could go back, use our time more effectively and take advantage of missed opportunities. If we could take back our words as if they were never said. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. You can never get back time, words, or opportunities.


“I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.” Jesus Christ (John 10:10)

“You may forget the one with whom you have laughed but never the one with whom you have cried.” Khalil Gibran

“You cannot permanently help a man by doing for him what he could and should do for himself.” Abraham Lincoln

“Don’t be overwhelmed my dear. Just do one thing at a time.” (from the movie Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead)

How many of you will be joining me on Monday morning to begin our New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Yet again. Wouldn’t you like to have a dollar for every pound you’ve lost and gained back in your lifetime, Then lost and gained back. And lost and gained back…


A young, fun Granny. That's me. Been around the block and back again. Gained hindsight and insight I want to share about love, family and life in general.

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